Toni Eubanks

The series presents a young heroine and the experiences she has coming of age in a specific historical setting in American history. Journey Home is set in the West of the 1880's.

This novel for young readers chronicles the rich legacy and active
participation of African Americans in the West.

óMultiCultural Review

"Historical memory in the young is an essential ingredient in the search for a more perfect place on our tortured planet."
- Leonard Everett Fisher

Selected Works

Activity Guide with Historical References
Introduces activities that correspond to each chapter of the novel, as well as explanation of historical events and people who appear in fictional form.
Historical Fiction
The first official historical novel on the Girl Scout movement.
An historical novel about a young African American girl coming of age in the Black West of the 1880's.
An essay on my research experiences for my second Passage to Womanhood book on the Gullah culture of the Sea Islands of South Carolina.